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Welcome to Myron Olive Oil.
We care a lot about your health

We continue to 
produce healtiest olive oil.

The name “MYRON” comes from the Greek idea of Myro (myrrh) as an aromatic, sweet oil – the best and most carefully chosen of all oils!


We are family-owned company, hailing from the beautiful Crete Island in Greece, has been producing exceptional olive oil for years.


The story of Myron Olive Oil dates back to the early 1980s when the patriarch of the family, Aggelos Prevelianakis & Georgia Stathoraki, planted his first olive trees on the fertile lands of Crete Island. With a deep love for the land and a passion for olive oil production, Angelos laid the foundation.


Myron Olive Oil is known for its exceptional quality, with an acidity level consistently below 0.3%. This low acidity level is a testament to the careful cultivation and processing methods employed by the family.

Aggelos Prevelianakis / Co-Founder
Georgia Stathoraki / Co-Founder

100% laboratory tested

All products are carefully lab tested with international standards

no blends

All products sold on the market are pure Crete Island, no blending


Produced entirely from natural ingredients, just koreneiki olives

we speak olive oil

We are from Greek and we speak to olive trees.

Best olive oil you ever tasted. Try it!

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