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Extra Virgin for Family

Extra Virgin for Family

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Myron E.V.O.O is extremely high quality because of it is cold pressed process, it does not lose any of the vital natural vitamins it contains.

Nutritional value: The high nutritional value of extra virgin olive oil has been well known in Crete Island for more than 4000 years and our oil continues to be the basis of our everyday diet.

Taste: Moderate to intense fruity flavor, long lasting aftertaste, bitter and spicy hints. Usually, the spicy flavor is more prominent than the bitter taste, with an aroma and flavor of green leaves that gives it a pronounced freshness.

Color: Olive oil has a deep green color if the olives are gathered at the beginning of the harvest as chlorophyll predominates. However if the olives are harvested when mature the carotenes are to the forefront and the oil has a beautiful golden color.

Quality Attributes:

  • Acidity: 0.5% max.
  • Waxes Content: 250mg / L max.
  • Ultraviolet Absorption: k232: 2,500 max.,
  • K 270: 0,220 max,
  • ΔK: 0.01 max.

Use: Olive oil is suitable for all uses, it is excellent raw (in salads) and can be added towards the end of cooking so that it does not lose its taste. Frying with olive oil is also great use of real olive oil.

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